Bingo Players rework the 2010 classic “Tom’s Diner”

Attention Bingo Players fans! The groups mega- hit, “Tom’s Diner” is back and better than ever with a 2016 rework. Having the evolution of their career calculated on the ability to perfectly harmonize electro and dance recordings, this remodeled take on the 2010 classic is guided towards getting people up and moving – hopefully to the top of their playlists. Fashioning a perfect treasure in honor of the Bingo Players 10 year anniversary, “Tom’s Diner” will forever remain an absolute classic.

Modernized to fit this decade’s sound, the preview shown below highlights the rendition which still showcases their distinctively notable tone throughout. Standing tall as an upcoming Spinnin’ Records release, the minute preview does a stellar job teasing listeners with a similar foundation but adds a more “grown-up” element to help coincide with today’s bass culture. Thankfully, the song does keep that contagious rhythm I know we all can’t help but hum along too. Listen to the preview below and look out for the official release May 20th.



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