BREAKING: Calvin Harris involved in a serious car incident last night on his way to the airport

The beloved Scottish DJ Adam Richard Wiles, better known to the electronic music world  as Calvin Harris was involved in a serious car wreck last night on his way to the Los Angeles Airport.  Harris sustained multiple injuries, enough for the ambulance to come grab him.  However as reported by TMZ he did not stay in the hospital.

Law enforcement officials report that Harris was riding in the passenger seat of a Cadillac SUV around 11 p.m. when a Volkswagon bug convertible driven by a 16-year-old female crossed the center line into Harris’ vehicle.

The crash was so violent that a passenger in the VW bug sitting in her boyfriend’s lap was ejected from the car following impact.  The driver and the girl ejected from the car were transported to the hospital.

Harris has sustained a laceration to his face.  He was brought by paramedics to the hospital but after requesting a private room and being told there was none available, Harris left against better judgement.  It’s beyond wonder why as medical officials advise him to rest.

You can see Harris’ official statement from his Facebook page below:

We’re glad it isn’t anything too serious but get some rest Calvin, your fans are wishing you a speedy recovery.

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