Club Space in Miami sues over embarrassing banner shot

Club Space in Miami is known as one of the hottest clubs in the world. They regularly deliver some of the world’s greatest DJs to the club-goers of Miami and are no doubt one of the best clubs in the United States.

However, a strange event recently took place involving the club. In the city of Miami it’s quite commonplace to see various planes flying over head displaying banners and logos that are usually advertisements, but in this instance, the banner was used to send a very clear message to the owners of Club Space.

The banner displayed the message “CLUB SPACE — PLEASE PAY YOUR BANNER BILL!” which certainly caused a huge amount of embarrassment for the club and it’s owners. Club Space is taking legal action and suing the organisers of the banner ‘Ariel Banners’, who have shockingly stated that they will continue to fly these banners until either a judge orders them to stop or until Club Space decides to pay the money they owe. It’s certainly one of the stranger stories we’ve covered over the past while but this tactic has certainly gotten the attention of Club Space and now it looks as though this could make for an interesting lawsuit between both parties.



H/T: EDMtunes