deadmau5 releases brand new tune “Snowcone” and deletes Soundcloud following security issues

Earlier on in the week, deadmau5 experienced some issues with his Soundcloud page after it was hacked by a group who wanted to “test his security” on the streaming platform. Angry at the fact that Soundcloud’s security was clearly lacking, the Canadian producer has taken to remove his account entirely, and gone with it are the numerous tunes and previews that have been uploaded over the past number of months.

While all of this was ongoing, the mau5’s label mau5trap uploaded a mysterious teaser to their social pages, which hinted at something new from Joel, and indeed a brand new single entitled “Snowcone” was then released on Friday.

The track which had already been teased on Joel’s Soundcloud is something else entirely, and see’s the Canadian going back to his more experimental, downtempo roots inspired by the likes of the Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. Featuring a slower than usual BPM, the track isn’t really a dance music at all and features typically impressive sound design and some fantastically lush synth work, likely all produced on the massive modular synth racks that Joel loves to play on. It’s also been confirmed by Joel on Twitter that the track surprisingly won’t be on his upcoming artist album.

You can listen to a stream of “Snowcone” below: