Deadmau5 shows off his brand new home studio

Deadmau5 hasn’t cut any corners in the build for his new home studio. Located in Campbellville, Ontario, the studio boasts a wide array of analogue gear coupled with acoustic traps, ceiling speakers and surround monitors making it an ideal set-up for any producer. His spacious master bedroom has been converted into a jaw-dropping production lab thanks to Pilchner-Schoustal Inc.


Getting down to specs, the studio has everything Joel Zimmerman requires and more.

“The room design is centered around the main monitoring system consisting of a stereo pair of flush mounted ATC 300  speakers.  The room boundaries are designed with controlled reflection geometry and also integrate a custom made racking system designed to accommodate the synthesizer collection with integrated cable management and power solution.   In addition to the main monitors, the room also incorporates a 5.1 and 7.1 mid field surround system as well as a fully calibrated 11.3 Dolby Atmos system.  The front and back ceiling of the control room include large low frequency absorption assemblies.  The rear wall feature two large window systems, one to the isolation booth and one to the machine room which offer a clear view to each space from the mix position.  The glazing system is angled vertically to redirect reflected energy into the rear ceiling trap as well as two rear floor traps finished with perforated stainless steel covers.” – Pilchner Schoutel


Expect to see a lot of this new production den in the mau5’s live streams and production videos.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut