Dirty South teases upcoming single “All Of Us”

Dirty South has always strived to create a body of work that is timeless, ageless and strictly anthemic. His prolonged track record maintain his status as a key player in Progressive House and as one of  the scenes most beloved figures. Now, Dirty South has given fans new cause for excitement unveiling a “work-in-progress” video, which shows the final cut of his upcoming track, set to be released on June 17th. Titled “All Of Us”, this most recent production is simultaneously brooding and uplifting, drawing listeners in with surprisingly soulful vocals.

The Serbian-Australian producer sticks with his newest track to his usual identity. “All Of Us” is progressively textural, with a relentless and nostalgic guitar melody and divine pads, building into a pounding progressive drop. His work embodies an ideal good-mood piece, filled with meaningful lyrics and a lush bassline. It truly channels the hypnotic energy of Dragan Roganovic’s alter ego, while retaining the progressive backbone of his unique style. Watch the video below:



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