DJ Snake calls out David Guetta for ripping off “Lean On” in his recent anthem for Euro 2016

Things are getting heated between two internationally known DJ’s.

The French DJ William Gregahcine otherwise known as DJ Snake is not a happy camper. Snake is known for his songs ‘Lean On’, ‘Get Low’, and ‘Turn Down For What’ and he has taken to Twitter recently today and called out David Guetta for doing a rip-off of ‘Lean On’ on his latest single for the UEFA Euro League.

DJ Snake let it be known his true feelings. He called it ‘horrible’ and that it was ‘fake’. He also wasn’t afraid to say how he truly felt about Guetta and how Guetta used to be a boss. Ouch! That’s got to hurt.

Is Guetta losing his creativity side? Do you think it sounds like a rip-off?

Watch the feud unfold on DJ Snake’s twitter account:



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