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Dutch brothers Stephan and Victor

DubVision – Rise

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Dutch brothers Stephan and Victor Leicher have been renowned across the globe for their always astounding progressive house sounds. Known as the duo DubVision, the two producers have continued to amaze the ears and minds of dance music lovers with their incredible collection of releases. From lovely hits, such as “Turn It Around” and “Heart”, to their latest track “Million Miles”, DubVision’s music is simply nothing short of majestic.

While recently rebranding themselves with a new logo and website, the duo also released a brand new single that sounds fairly distinct from their past productions. Experimenting with a different style this time, DubVision nonetheless deliver a huge gift to their fans with a brand new track titled “Rise”. According to the two artists, 2016 is about improving themselves and implementing a new “vision”, and this particular track emphasizes just that.

This new tune kicks off with a soothing progression that slowly builds up in intensity. Featuring a gorgeous blend of synths, melodies, and chords, the introduction immediately captures people’s attention and effectively captivates the listeners. The acid house-inspired drop then enters and brings the groove right through our speakers. With such a hard-hitting beat and heavy bassline, this particular sequence in the track brings out an immense amount of energy, which would be more than suitable for any club or festival environment.

Even though “Rise” is something we would not expect DubVision to create, it still consists of the high-quality sounds that we do expect from the world-renowned Dutch producers. This new single shows that DubVision’s creativity and versatility can apply to any facet of electronic dance music and proves once again that they are two of the most skilled artists in the business.

“Rise” is out now and you can download a free copy below.

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