Flux Pavilion and No Mana take on Insomniac’s ‘Night Owl Radio’

Airing every Friday night for your electronic music pleasure, Sirius XM Electric Area presents us with Night Owl Radio. Hosted by Insomniac’s one and only Pasquale Rotella, Night Owlers has notoriously made a name for its self within EDM’s podcast world. With over 40 episodes under its belt and a constant interchange of the industry’s best DJ’s, it’s already on it’s way to becoming the most sought after weekly radio event.

Airing on this week’s episode, Rotella reaches a 40th podcast milestone. What better way to celebrate than giving fans an up close and personal journey through Flux Pavilion and No Mana’s musical minds? Starting off strong, this episode delivers big on Flux expectations. Dropping three of his recent collaborations with Doctor P and a slue of heavy, Flux anthems, the dubstep icon does a fabulous job kicking off the two-hour adventure.

Following, we have a guest mix from mystery man No Mana. Delivering thirty minutes of on-going flow, No Mana really puts on a show. Executing complete board control over his high bass session, it’s no wonder they chose him to follow Flux.

For the complete track list and podcast, read below.

Track list

EDX “Roadkill”
Aggresivnes “Put the New Needle” (Colombo Remix)
Negativ “Stealth”
Aylen & DIV/IDE “Bump That”
JOYRYDE “The Box 15.39”
Chay & Dead Space “Turn My Swag On”
Jey Kurmis “Murch”
Icarus “Home” (Humans & Machines Remix)
Doctor P & Flux Pavilion ft. Jarren Benton “Party Drink Smoke”
Doctor P & Flux Pavilion “Stampede”
Doctor P & Flux Pavilion “Fuckers”
Lyptical “Problem Solvers” (Jaydans 2014 Charity Relick)
Calyx & Teebee “Nothing Left”
Spor “Figaro”
Mija & Vindata “Better”
No Mana Guest Mix
Zedd “Clarity”

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