Hardwell & Dyro “Never Say Goodbye” turns 3 years old today

Hardwell and Dyro’s Electro House anthem “Never Say Goodbye” was officially released three years ago today. An soundtrack to many dance music fans summer in 2013, the tune itself still doesn’t lose its effect.

Now sitting at over 5.5 million views on YouTube alone, the collaboration signified Hardwell’s rising dominance as the worlds No.1 DJ. Having been one of most distinctive tracks at the Amsterdam Music Festival that year, its continued success and popularity came as little surprise.

Premiered at his Ultra Music Festival set, the full play triggered a swirl of interest and speculation online. Teaming up with the iconic vocals of Bright Lights, the tracks variety of synths create a exciting development still, three years on. Bursting into its energetic progression, the sounds of Hardwell and Dyro can be located throughout. Topped with the romantic vocals, the additional depth ensured its nostalgic status for the future.

While being questioned at the time for not challenging his portfolio, the track in hindsight demonstrated rather a pinnacle of his Electro house phase at the time. Acting as the 61st release on Revealed Recordings also, the track stands a reminder for how far his label has come, and dance music’s as whole.

Relive the music below, and let us know where you think it stands in Hardwell’s best tracks!

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