Jyye – Are We True

John Turabian is a bright, upcoming producer from Australia who will certainly make long strides within the dance music scene in the future. Also known by his moniker Jyye, this Melbourne-based artist has already stunned many people from across the globe with his incredible set of tracks. Under his impressive discography, Jyye has released some astounding tunes such as “Fly With Me” and “Loco” and gorgeous remixes of Funkerman’s “Speed Up” and, most recently, Mako’s “Way Back Home”.

Returning with another high-quality production, Jyye just released his uplifting new single “Are We True”. This track features the euphoric vibes that will undoubtedly make anyone dance to the beat. With its impeccable blend of luscious vocals and exuberant chords, this release effectively flaunts its first-rate sounds from start to finish. The melodic progressions also provide an unforgettable auditory experience for all listeners along with the added effects of trumpets and drums. Overall, “Are We True” delivers an elegant combination of musical elements that undeniably pleases the ears and will more than likely propel Jyye’s career toward the higher ranks of the industry.

The track is out now and you can download a copy from Beatport here.