Kaskade confirms official production of Version 4 “Beneath With Me”

In less than a month’s time (and for obvious reasons), Version 3 of Kaskade and Deadmau5’s collab “Beneath With Me” has successfully climbed to half a million plays creating major industry buzz worldwide; It has been confirmed however, their gritty assembly line is attempting yet again another go at the single. This time around, Version 4.

While there has been no official date attached to the annoucement, Kaskade did confirm the release during an interview with Revolt TV yesterday stating “It is official. It will be coming out very soon. Version 4. Which is very close to version 3. I had some other things that I wanted to tweak on it so I fixed it up, but yeah it’s official.”

He also went on to discuss about the, now eight year old “I Remember“, which was the two’s first and some say best collaberation to date- “No matter what I write, or what deadmau5 and I do, it will never live up to the memory of the first time you heard ‘I Remember.”

Check out the full interview below and keep your eyes on the look out for Version 4. If it’s anything close to the hype surrounding it, “I Remember” might have some competition on its hands.

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