Alesso’s remix of “Silenced By The Night” turns 4 years old

It’s been 4 years since Alesso turned heads and dropped what could be one of his more under rated remixes. Standing as one of his finest pieces over 6 minutes, it will forever carry a timeless essence to it.

With his reworks on festival-favourites such as One Republic’s “If I Lose Myself” and Nadia Ali’s collaboration alongside Starkillers & Alex Kenji for “Pressure”, Alesso amassed global praise and popularity. With his status as one of the best remixer’s in the scene ever-relevant, it is understandable as to why the track has over 3 million views.

Remastering a track as complete as Keane’s original takes some doing. With its delicate piano chord melody and spine-tingling vocal, Alesso has his work cut out to add a provide some dance music flare. Soft in its introduction, the minimalist approach lent itself to an atmospheric development. A rising that evokes nostalgia for a lifetime and repeatable effect.

Holding true to the original’s symphonic nature, the inserted progression adds a pulsating beat, under laying a fusion of synths and chords to keep any dance music listener satisfied. Soft once again its is breakdown and bridge, Alesso’s appreciation for the track is irrefutable. Acting as a track that will continue to be a loaded asset in his arsenal of tunes for mixes and sets, it’s the type of track to make you go back and delve through his entire catalogue. Something we’ve just been reliving and reminiscing in.

Having been 4 years since this iconic remix’s release, seeing the development of the Swedish maestro from budding talent to rising star, to now one of the most eagerly awaited headlining acts, has been heart warming, and well-earned. Deserved in every way, he is no longer in his mentors shadows, rather creating his own shining light.

Relive the emphatic remix below and let us know where you think it stands in his portfolio!

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