Kidd Ross – Get Loud

Kidd Ross and his ‘Power House’ sub-genre of dance music has already lit up our radars. Catching our attention at the start of the year, the impressive UK DJ/Producer is already making waves in two of the renowned dance music continents – North America and Europe.

Continuing the roll out of his two-year-long studio production’s, Kidd Ross demonstrated his energized sound with “Eclipse“. Delivering rippling bass lines and a big symphonic melodies, it is a track that is hard to follow up in terms of impact and atmosphere. However, his upcoming release is undoubtedly worthy of notice and appreciation.

Pocket-sized in terms of length, “Get Loud” certainly packs a punch. Coming in the form a yet another signature sound, the ‘Bass Synth’ sound is something can catches attention. Infusing the track early on with a high energy level, the busy synth’s are under laid with subtleties to help break in the pulsating beat. Progressing on to a secondary development, the track’s primary melody and its deep chords burst provide a head-nodding effect.

Dominant in mantra, Kidd Ross’ portfolio now caters for grinding club scenes in the heart of the night. Plucky and tempoed, “Get Loud” brings a notable volume and bass synth. Primed to join his current set roster, Kidd Ross is no stranger to the bigger stages. Having already played at some of Europe’s biggest spectator festivals, including Benicassim FIB and some of the UK’s leading clubs, it is however his closing-act status at Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Resort’s that symbolises his ascendancy in the dance music scene. 

Be sure to check out Kidd Ross’ “Get Loud” on Astronomic Music and set a reminder for his release date on 30th May!

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