kshmr drops debut ep lion across the field

KSHMR releases debut EP ‘The Lion Across The Field’

While few manage to captivate with their musical styles nowadays, very few come close to the production mastery that Indian-origin Producer and DJ KSHMR has managed to reach. Quality, panache, esoteric style of production and that uncanny ability to always come out on top of the Beatport charts, are the factors that have embodied the rise of the phenomena that surrounds KSHMR. Being a cool headed bloke entwined with a really down to earth, fan- centric and humble personality are some other traits that have made him a respected artists in the fans eyes so quickly. Well, the time for frequent gifts from him is at a halt right now as he has his eyes set on his debut EP release ‘The Lion Across The Field,’ featuring 12 tracks all following a wonderful epic story. The EP, like all his music, is trademark KSHMR music, with a unique and unfathomable twist of styles, blending of production techniques and captivating sounds.

The EP kicks off with ‘The Boy‘ a 51 second introduction to one of the story’s characters. Following that epic manner introduction, ‘Jungle Whistle‘ sets the EP in place and gives it a location by giving a music introduction to the setting of the EP through the catchy and ubiquitous jungle sounds entwined with the favorite bits of Indian Classical Instrumental. Taking over in a completely striking fashion, we’re introduced to ‘Sleepwalk,‘ which completely shifts the paradigm in the sounds. We are taken on a adventurous journey with chirpy sounds guiding us through mists of subdued vocal snippets only for a captivating flute to take over and deliver in traditional KSHMR manner of twisting and swirling trap sounds.

A Father’s Warning,‘ another 36 second interlude from the EP, shifts the focus of the EP to the Lion and the father’s warning to not cross the field. This warning is followed by KSHMR’s track ‘Wildcard‘ assisted by the captivating voice of LA based singer/songwriter Sidnie Tipton. The track is perfect blend of vocal brilliance and is special inasmuch as the detailing in sound and production that KSHMR is capable of. It goes without saying that the meliflious melody does the trick once again. In yet another interlude, ‘A Thing To Forget‘ reminds us how the Boy is unable to wash off his imagination of what lies beyond the field. Following this change of heart, the brilliantly devised ‘Dadima‘ (‘grandmother’ in Hindi) embodies the adventure in ones heart. Ever evolving sounds and synth structures, the track bleeds emotions throughout. Flutes and strings take the grand stand in delivering KSHMR’s grand message to always hold on to that adventurous-self within us. Its truly a piece of music to enjoy.

And as we enter the final chapters of our story, we’re met by KSHMR’s pre-released track ‘Touch’ with London based Producer Felix Snow and another talent from LA on the vocals in Madi. As initial reviews had put it, the track adds more to KSHMR’s collection of good but it fails to come out on the same frequency as the other tracks on the EP. Regardless, as a crucial piece in the story’s jigsaw puzzle, the track is followed by ‘The Son’s Dissent’, an interlude which tells us the story of how the Boy finally gave up and fell to his desire and to fulfill his thirst of the unknown. ‘Dhoom‘ takes us another exciting part of the story as it embodies the story of the Boy’s journey across the field towards the Lion. Haunting, sometimes exciting but always eerie, the track showcases the Boy’s Forest run perfectly with assistance from Tabla and vocal snippets other than the Electronic bits of it. The last interlude, ‘The Lion‘ finally gives way to the last character of the story. And in an almost fantastical and charming manner, the story ends with the greatest message of all. And KSHMR signs off his fable with ‘Hymn of Reflection,‘ in an electronic style. Embodying the EP’s overall style and unpredictable music, the track is a perfect conclusion in an Electronic manner.

To be honest, this is one of those releases which will go down the long line of history for it has surpassed the mere objective of being a piece of music. It’s a story written by an artist, through music as it is very evident that KSHMR tries to tell most of the story through the music and not relying only on the interludes. The last I remember listening to something like that today was when I had gone through the entirety of Vivaldi’s Four Season’s Violin Concerti.

‘The Lion Across The Field’ is available for purchase here through iTunes for a quick and highly recommended purchase on Spinnin’ Records! The EP is also available on Spotify.

01. KSHMR – The Boy (Interlude)
02. KSHMR – Jungle Whistle
03. KSHMR – Sleepwalk
04. KSHMR – A Father’s Warning (Interlude)
05. KSHMR feat. Sidnie Tipton – Wildcard
06. KSHMR – A Thing to Forget (Interlude)
07. KSHMR – Dadima
08. KSHMR & Felix Snow feat. Madi – Touch
09. KSHMR – The Son’s Dissent (Interlude)
10. KSHMR – Dhoom
11. KSHMR – The Lion (Interlude)
12. KSHMR – Hymn of Reflection


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