KSHMR teases release of brand new EP project

After teasing a different direction over the past number of months, it looks like we’re finally about to see a different side to Indian-American producer KSHMR as he recently announced a brand new EP known as “The Lion across the Field.”

Releasing on 13th May, this new EP has been described as a “musical exploration to a new place” with seven brand new tracks all accompanying a KSHMR book of the same name as the EP so as to act as a¬†backstory. This continues on from the ideas KSHMR started at Coachella where he premiered scored musical work featuring many orchestral elements acting as a complete contrast to his other works.

As heard in the trailer, it sounds as though KSHMR is exploring a range of new sounds to signal a departure from his typical high energy electro bangers, and this is a definitely a change we’re ready to welcome with open arms as it’s fantastic to see artists not being limited to one style or genre. The idea and theme behind the EP is an interesting concept and will no doubt add a lot of depth to what will surely be a great EP of music.

You can watch the trailer for KSHMR’s new EP which is out next week: