Kygo’s newest music videos take us on a journey

The Norwegian DJ, songwriter, producer and musician Kygo, released two new videos to accompany his tracks ‘I’m in Love’ featuring James Vincent Morrow and ‘Raging’ featuring Kodaline.

These two videos are the stark opposite each other but both feature a man and a woman, and the journeys through their relationship.  In the video ‘I’m in Love’,  the couple travels across famous landmarks in Europe, featuring the famous lock bridge in Paris.  The picturesque beauty of the background itself depicted the beauty of love.  They were laughing, dancing, and playing soccer with the neighbors.  The young man is head over heels in love, always searching for the beautiful woman’s face in a crowd.  Kygo makes a short appearance as well.  In the video, you’ll see advertisements for his Cloud Nine Tour.  Such clever marketing, Kygo.

The second video depicts the low point of the relationship between the two actors who were featured in ‘I’m in Love’.  The woman leaves, and the man awakens to go chase after her, but to no avail.  It’s almost as if he’s dreaming.  He feels as if he’s seen her in women he passes on the beach, or on the street only to realize that it’s not her.  She vanished, and watchers can see the anguish in the mans face as he desperately tries tracking down his dream girl.  In this video, there are scenes from ‘I’m in Love’ which gives the idea that maybe it was all just dream, and he imagined her from the beginning of what he would do if he had her.  Both videos are up for interpretation.  After all, love and rage are two very powerful emotions.

Watch the videos below: was the girl real or a figment of imagination?

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