Listen to a secret forum release of early Martin Garrix circa 2009

When the world hears tracks like “Animals”, “Don’t Look Down”, and “Wizard”, most of us just assume Martin Garrix has always been a master at his craft. Well, thanks to a forum release that assumption is absolutely correct. With his iconic Progressive, Big Room style we’ve all grown to love, the globe can now enjoy a 20 minute mini mix from the prodigy’s circa 2009.

While listening, it’s obvious his talents, though grown exponentially throughout the years, were always polished and deemed for success. From the beginning the mix includes a perfectly balanced, house-y foundation, intertwined with heavy vocal usage and obvious beat progressions. As it continues, Garrix executes the perfect amount of synth-spice by including legendary Deadmau5‘s “Ghosts N Stuff”, followed by some fun uptempo Chuckie, and ending it all with Electro-House buddies, Quintino & Apster.

Overall, Garrix has truly come a long way in terms of professionalism and technique, but it’s still inspiring to see thes best kind of success isn’t given- it’s most definitly earned.

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