Luminosity Beach Festival – the European trance heaven

Electronic music has been particularly big in Europe ever since it’s existence, but with booming markets such as North America & South-East Asia, the old continent slowly began hiding in the shadow of the new party destinations. Even though trance was basically born in Western Europe, most trance festivals either vanished or switched directions. We all reminisce about the good old times when people were able to experience events such as Trance Energy, Mystery Land or Dance Valley, hosted in the trance Mecca of Europe – The Netherlands. With promoters shifting their direction into the new and more modern sounds, a little seed planted in 2007 blossomed into what is considered THE trance festival of the world.

“It all started on a music discussion forum where I posted the idea of starting an event and asked who else might be interested to join. It was via that forum that I met Otto in a pub somewhere in Utrecht to see how serious things are and how motivated we are, etc.” says Bo van Eck, the founder of Luminosity. “Already back then I noticed that when naming trance some venues just quit from the idea”.

Luminosity Beach Festival is a Dutch festival which started off with a 5 DJ lineup, to becoming a 3-day event with more than 45 international, established and up & coming DJs, as well as an afterparty to close it all off. Due to popular demand, since 2014 it turned from a 2 to a 3-day festival, to becoming the longest trance gathering in the world and hosting over 50 nationalities in 2015 alone. And as we speak about the foreign visitors, Bo reminisces: “If you check the photos on partyflock you can even see a picture at the entrance with the very first visitor. He came from Ukraine or Russia and brought me a bottle of vodka lol. It was that moment that I knew this was my new career”.


The 2016 edition will be hosted from June 24th to 26th in what’s been the festival’s home for the past 3 years – Beachclub Fuel in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands. With the event being sold-out months in the advance for the first time since its existence, it is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of the year. The festival’s line-up includes a vast variety of artists, from legends like Paul van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell & Markus Schulz, to established names such as John O’Callaghan, Solarstone, John Askew, Andy Moor & upcoming talents like Darren Porter, Vini Vici, UCast, among dozens of others. Unique performances can be witnessed from old-school pioneers from the likes of Kai Tracid, full on Anjunabeats set by Super8&Tab, classic set by Jam el Mar (one half of Jam & Spoon), Judge Jules, Union Jack and more.

With the breathtaking Dutch sunset in the background, in the company of the most international Trance Family in the world, this 3 day journey through trance is a must-do for every trance fan. The place where all fans, crew & DJs share the dancefloor together.

Limited tickets can still be reserved at [email protected] and more info about the event can be found here.

And as we wait for June to come, relive the 2015th edition with us: