Madeon confirms sophomore album is in the works

He is probably one of the most forward and out-of-the-box thinking artists within the industry today. Not only is he considered an exceptional talent regarding his young age, but also a producer who takes credit for timeless and ageless music pieces. After presenting his debut album “Adventures” to the world a little over a year ago, Madeon took to twitter to confirm that his sophomore album is in the works, and that fans can expect the final result in 2017 for sure!

Considering the fact that he offers a sign of life only a few times a year (which can be seen as his typical quality offerings), we can expect singles to get out very soon and hopefully on a more frequent base than we’re used to. In other words: For an artist who built his namesake releasing just one or two tracks a year, it’s a pretty significant deal to see a full studio album come to light for the second time! We all remember how multicolored his “Adventures LP” was, offering a sheer variety from indie and funk to downtempo and pop. Now we can just lean back and wait for the magic!

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