Madeon posts heartfelt messages to deadmau5 thanking him for propelling his career to stardom

Ever since his remix of the classic Raise Your Weapon was released on the official remix package, Madeon has slowly grown to be one of the most forward thinking names in electronic music. While his unforgettable Pop Culture video no doubt propelled him centre stage in the world of electronic music, it could be said deadmau5 signing his Raise Your Weapon remix acted as the catalyst for this.

Taking to Twitter last night in a drunken state, the young French prodigy sent a number of direct messages to deadmau5 to thank him for all of the help he gave when Madeon was just about to break through. deadmau5 thankfully posted a screenshot of the conversation below for all of us to see. They say that drunk words are sober thoughts, and from these messages it’s clear to see that Madeon has a whole lot of love for Joel and for what he done to change the young Frenchman’s life. While some of the messages are (quite hilariously) mis-spelt, you can tell what Madeon is saying is truly genuine and that if it wasn’t for Joel’s help all those moons ago, he might not be in the position he’s in today.