Majezty – Big Chains

Majezty is a relative unknown in the electronic dance music scene. Formally known as Lenny Bykov, the young Chicago-based American has already released some impressive material in the last two weeks.

Remixing Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself” into a chopped tropical synth-fast, he has also morphed The Weeknd’s “Acquainted” into a mighty electro-house anthem. Demonstrating not only his ability to re-imagine and recreate a track, Majezty also delivered his first original track simultaneously.

Openly seeking to make a dark and hard hitting Big-Room tune for his debut, the pivotal elements of crisp power and anthemic melodies were not lost on the budding talent. Producing one of the most dominant atmosphere from the sub-genre we’ve heard in recent times, Majezty’s certainly proved to have decent credentials for studio work.

With the introduction setting an ominous tone using pounding bass and siren-like chords, the tracks first sampling vocal riff of Drake’s “Forever” is faded in. Resetting to use anticipation-prompting sirens, the melodic overlay surges forward to develop the quintessential Big-Room impact. Building with the use of tempo, the onset of a sample of Kanye’s verse from the same Drake song act’s as the catalyst for the drop.

Layered with a roaring melody, the vocal riff adds an arousing effect to thumping bass. Craftily restarted during the bridge, the symphonic subtleties add a degree of class and composure to the composition. Hitting again, the drop doesn’t cease in its effect, marking it with a stamp of quality.

Amassing nearly 25,000 plays in under 2 weeks, and with little under 300 followers at the moment, it says a lot about his music. However, we have an inclination it won’t be around that mark for much longer!

Be sure to grab your copy of Majetzy’s “Big Chains” today!

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