Nicky Romero’s commitment to charity displayed in heartwarming new documentary

Superstar DJ’s like Nicky Romero are often associated with high energy performances at festivals around the world as well as their jet-setter lifestyles. Among the photos in DJ’s social media accounts we often find main stages and private jets but once in a while we’re fortunate enough to see a private and compassionate side of a DJ shine through. It is therefore highly refreshing to see a DJ being involved in a large charitable venture such as that of the Dutch house star’s involvement in Holland’s “10,000 Hours” foundation.

This summer the “10,000 Hours” foundation is organizing mini-festivals for young people with intellectual disabilities with Romero in the role of Ambassador of the project. The star will provide people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to attend a festival that is linked to major events like Q-Dance, Mysteryland and Sensation. Speaking of his involvement in the foundation the DJ states:

“The feeling of being able to help someone, and by that I don’t mean financially but by helping them paint a wall or move house, that feeling is unlike anything else. My Volunteer Day was one of those days when you realize this is what matters most in the world.”

Romero’s willingness to go the extra mile for a good cause is displayed in a recent mini-documentary about a youngster named Yuriko living in difficult circumstances in a surrogate home. Nicky and his Protocol Recordings colleagues Volt & State helped Yuriko fulfill a lifelong dream of recording her very own track with the Dutch superstar. Keeping a promise he made a year and a half earlier, Romero took the time out of his busy schedule to make a dream come true for the enthusiastic youngster.

Find out about how you can be part of the extraordinary 10,000 Hours foundation here and check out the heartwarming mini documentary of Yuriko’s dream coming true:


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