Nicky Romero and ZROQ’s 2012 hit ‘WTF!?’ completes 4 years since release

Remember the golden Ultra After-movie from 2012? The tracks from the iconic after-movie remain some of the biggest hits of those years and a pleasurable listen to rewind back to. One of the tracks which gained a wider coverage due to being feature, albeit for a short while as is always the case, was Nicky Romero‘s banging collaboration with fellow Dutchman and DJ/Producer ZROQ titled ‘WTF!?’. The track worked wonders in headlining sets and didn’t disappoint on the charts either, charting at #2 as its highest reach on the charts.

As it returns into news to celebrate its 4th year since release, the song is a great reminder of Nicky Romero’s erstwhile Electro-House sound. A driving melody which confronts the listener with euphoria laced with the kind of uplifting feeling that is suited to the likes of Sensation Arena-esque stages. As the melody guides the listen towards the penultimate moment, the expletive carries well the energy that the song has to offer. At last, it is Nicky Romero & ZROQ’s invigorating and energizing gift that treats us in the drop. A quality release in itself, it surely holds value and place among the greatest releases of 2012.

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