R3hab – Sakura

Since the track first went online as ‘ID – Sakura’, speculation has been growing as to who was behind this monster summer hit. KSHMR, Headhunterz, and Marnik were just some of the names mentioned, but it is now confirmed that it is R3hab who has crafted this powerful jam. R3hab has become renowned for his epic remixes, having previously turned songs from Rihanna, John Legend and Taylor Swift into smashing house hits. Gaining major success through his collaborations with some other big names like Calvin Harris and Afrojack, the Dutchman’s recent collaboration with QuintinoFreak‘ still remains a real crowdpleaser at festivals.

Sakura‘ features a mesmerizing Japanese voice that starts the journey before building to multiple massive drops combined with sweet guitar chords and powerful synth stabs. Speaking about the track, R3hab wrote:

“I went to Tokyo on May 5th, 2015 to play Electric Zoo Beach and I felt an energy from the second I got into Tokyo that left me inspired by the people, the culture, the food and the passion that everyone exuded. I fell in love with the language so much that I wrote a story over the next couple of days while I was in Japan about a legend and then got it translated into Japanese and recorded it. Because of that little story I wrote, I wanted to do something epic and big sounding so after spending a long time on figuring out the melody that I wanted for this, I recorded trumpet players from all over the world to put in the record instead of using a synth. It was important to me to have that authentic feel while still maintaining the energy of a festival record.”

Stream the preview below and stay tuned for the track’s full release on June 10th through Spinnin Records.