Sophie Francis – Bad Boy

Sophie Francis has stirred up some major waves in the dance music scene over the first part of the year. The emerging powerhouse DJ/Producer is ascending the industry rankings at a rapid pace. In turn, increasing the potential for her to play a leading role for females in the industry.

Hailing from the dance music ‘Mecca’, The Netherlands, the 17 year old’s background with musical instruments has helped catapult her status over thousands of others. Already becoming renowned for quality in her material, the ensemble of tracks to date says a lot about her character also. Debuting with “Drop of a Dime”, and backing it up with “Up In This”, all on John Christian’s Freeway Recordings, Sophie Francis infuses every track with scintillating energy.

Already at over 80,000 fans on Facebook, the distinctive starlet comes across as quiet and under-spoken in her Vlog series, compared to the volume of her track’s, set’s and podcast’s. But with experience at big clubs in The Netherlands, Spain and South Africa, invitations to join Steve Aoki at his headlining set’s, official video’s and being chased by international festival’s to perform, Sophie Francis is far from naive about what makes a crowd jump.

It is often said that the best things come in three’s, however with Francis, her provision of Electro house sounds on a massive scale is set to be delivered as a quartet, with “Bad Boy” being the third asset to be released. Featuring on Tiesto’s iconic ‘Club Life’ podcast, Sophie provides a thumping reggae-infused dynamic. Big-Room in character, the track doesn’t follow the established formulaic sound, dropping into a vibrant drop before a masterful, and Rastafarian, bridge. Evolving into a mighty electro melody to heighten the build up, the second serving of big bass and tantalizing synth’s cement’s the presence of Sophie Francis, and her a niche of EDM, once again.

Acting as the 19th release on Freeway Recordings, you can grab your copy of “Bad Boy” from Beatport today!

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