Spinnin’ Records no longer available on Beatport

The electronic music world has been hit with a wave of uncertainty after the radical announcement made by Beatport detailing their intentions to discontinue their streaming service and mobile application, Beatport News, the video live streaming platform and the events feature on the website effective from May 13th. The official statement stated that the website will return its focus to the Beatport Store, which has been in operation for 12 years. Beatport has also cancelled its distribution service, leaving many record labels with two days to find a new distributor. The labels have had their contracts cancelled, with the service pulling all their content down from Beatport and other digital retailers on May 13th.

In light of the recent revelation, one of the biggest Dutch electronic music labels is no longer available on Beatport. Spinnin’ Records and all of their subsidiary labels have been removed from the site. Upon searching for Spinnin’ Records on the website Beatport displays an error message stating that the page could not be found:

beatport screenshot

The official Twitter for Spinnin’ Records provided a very scarce explanation for the situation stating that the error is one of a technical nature:

Beatport’s owners SFX have certainly had a turbulent time since it filed for bankruptcy on Feb 1 of this year after losing an estimated $18 million in 2015, and was in the process of auctioning Beatport in order to help pay down its debts. In 2015, Beatport officially added a streaming service to its portfolio, but the company lost $5.5 million over the course of the year. The loss of a major label like Spinnin’ Records will no doubt cause quite an undesired effect on the reputation of the website and its future endeavours. More information will no doubt be forthcoming in relation to this situation.


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