Stereosonic Founder announcing new festivals

Australia suffered a difficult start of 2016, following numerous music event cancellations such as legendary Stereosonic Festival, as well as Armin Only’s 2 city tour, however the near future seems significantly more promising.

Richie McNeill, founder of Stereo, shared with Mixmag: “I am launching a new festival in December (and) have a camping festival launching next year. Heaps of tours. Heaps of new events. You’ll just have to wait and see. Can’t let too much out of the bag.”

Although there is no additional information and it is just a matter of time to find out more, it is yet another proof of the dynamic changes Australia is undergoing in just a matter of months.

McNeill co-founded Stereosonic with Frank Cotela and together they set up Totem OneLove, the company in charge of the festival. However they sold it in 2013 to SFX Entertainment, which announced bankruptcy, resulting in the current Australian situation. Although McNeill never left the company, he clarifies he was not involved with Stereo in the past 2 years and shares scepticism on the alleged “bigger and better” return in 2017, as announced by Totem last April.

Richie was also involved in Carl Cox’s newly found PURE festival, which launched last month.

“We’re looking to start this in April, and the first two cities we’re going to do is Melbourne and Sydney. We haven’t decided exactly where we’re going to do them or who’s coming to the table, but when we last spoke to all of the international DJs who are interested in being involved in our festival they’ve all said ‘Yep, we’d like to do it’.”

McNeill does not hide his wish of working with Frank Cotela again, raising all hopes up of Stereosonic to be quickly superseded as the leading electronic festival in the southern hemisphere.

“He has always been forward thinking and we share a passion for the music and putting on shows”.


H/T: Mixmag