Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki receiving animal cruelty threats from his newest music video “Can’t Go Home”

The cake throwing party dynamo, also known as Steve Aoki, has recently received a lot of heat from his newest music video, “Can’t Go Home” (ft. Adam Lambert). The video depicts a young, beautiful woman falling head over heels while parading around in her underwear. It also just so happens that she’s falling for a chimpanzee.

According to The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, people treat trained primates poorly, and often neglect the chimps after the project’s over leaving some with serious psychological issues. After watching the video myself, I have to lean towards NAPSA’s views. The chimp is dressed in ridiculous attire, sporting gold chains, and with only so much he’s capable of doing the video as a whole is pretty bland.

The song however, has a nice, fluffy vibe perfect for the summer months upon us. Watch the video below and let us know where your heart sides.

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