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Swedish House Mafia gig in Dublin sees promoters facing 26 legal cases after many attendees were injured

Swedish House Mafia fans are some of the most devoted and adoring the scene has ever seen. Given the intensity of their popularity, their sets and concerts proved to a be scene teeming with energy. However the aftermath of their gig in the Irish capital city of Dublin in July 2012 is still being felt in the courts.

Almost 30 attendees of the Swedish House Mafia gig have now formally launched claims for personal injury damages sourcing from their experience at concert by the group in the Phoenix Park four years ago. The basis of these stemming from the number of attacks on fans on the day and during the set itself.

The incidents led to a meeting between event organizers and the Garda Commissioner, as well as the establishment of protocols governing the running of any future events in the park specifically. And while yet to be heard in the courts, one solicitor involved in the case itself as said they know of 26 cases that are currently ‘pending’, with the possibility of several more in the pipeline.

This follows on from the findings in a case from last week, where a man who was attacked and consequentially stabbed at the concert settled a €60,000 damages claim in the Courts for an undisclosed sum.

The new claims will be heard by the Civil Court, however for the cases deemed to be more serious in nature, the High Court will be the venue. Reflecting the seriousness of the topic.

We will be sure to keep you posted with any updates as the story unfolds.


H/T: Irish Independent 

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