Thomas Pikasso delivers huge “Payback” inspired with recent release “Awakening”

Thomas Pikasso has just unveiled some of the finest progressive house we’ve heard in 2016. The little-known DJ/Producer from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK has had a strong affiliation with melody in is upbringing, citing many of today’s industry heavy-weights as his inspirations.

Starting his love of dance music at the age of 12, his hours dedicated to mixing in his youth nearly went to waste until Swedish House Mafia and it’s 3 individuals Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, emerged onto the scene. Naming this as the trigger moment for his passionate pursuit of Progressive House, tracks such as “Payback”, “SLVR” and Axwell’s remixes of “In My Mind” and “Tokyo By Night” continue to source as consistent inspiration. And while he battled to enjoy the direction the sub-genre took towards a shorter format with Big-Room influences, his time spent dedicated to perfecting his craft around work led has certainly paid off, especially for listeners.

Pushing a genuine message about the genuine power of good music, and the producers responsibility to uphold that responsibility, his debut track “Awakening” has prompted us to revisit some of dance music’s most iconic sounds. At just over 6 minute long, the melodic development and impact of the track is undeniable. Opening with a rhythmic beat, “Awakening” merges into a clap-led build-up before allowing the infectious melody to come to full fruition. Building to a euphoric progression, Pikasso provides an energy-infused frenzy of symphonic chords and pulsating beat.

Using a delicately balanced bridge, he reinvigorates the atmosphere with masterful precision. With a skill set that is evidently extensive and detailed, Thomas Pikasso doesn’t miss any element in the structure and production of the track. Also in search of a possible vocalist for the track, Thomas Pikasso could still yet add a lyrical polish on what is already an emphatic track.

Check out the Progressive House track below and see why it is one of our favourite from the past 6 months!

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