Tiësto’s legendary album ‘Nyana’ celebrates its 13th anniversary

Tiesto has always been on top of the dance music industry, constantly providing top quality music and always keeping up with modern trends and trying to stay ahead of the curve while exploring a range of genres, he really is a legend in the dance music world.

Thirteen years ago today, Tijs released one of his greatest albums ever with the legendary “Nyana” compilation in 2003. As per usual, this was deemed as a groundbreaking album from the Dutch man and consisted of a colossal two disc release filled to the brim with a stunning blend of high quality trance and progressive tracks featuring some absolute classics such as Tiesto’s own track “Nyana” and the unforgettable “As the Rush Comes” from Motorcycle. This truly is one of the greatest trance albums ever released and is widely regarded as one of Tiesto’s best works showing off his own production merits on a few tracks but really exhibiting his skill as a tastemaker which is where Tiesto really reigns king.

So let’s celebrate one of the best trance albums ever released today: