Tiësto’s legendary compilation “Magikal Journey” is six years old today

Tiesto is somewhat of a jack of all trades. Having become a legend in the dance industry over the past 25 years, he went from gabber to trance and onto more modern commercial dance music these days. While he’ll be mainly known for his incredible trance productions, the Dutch DJ has long since moved on from those days, and on this day in 2010 he released the last compilation mix in that style which signalled his permanent departure from the genre into more of the commercial sounds of electro house. That compilation is called “Magikal Journey” and showcased Tiesto’s career highlights up to that point with legendary productions such as Adagio for Strings and Flight 643 which really speak for themselves as well all know how huge those tunes were.

The album was released nine months after Tiesto had announced he would be leaving Black Hole Recordings which he co-founded back in 1997, if anything this really showed that he was finished with the trance scene and as of yet it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning anytime soon.

The first disc contains mainly Tiesto tracks, showcasing his ability as a producer on some of the best trance tracks ever recorded from his three studio albums, “In My Memory”, “Just Be” and “Elements of Life” which rank as not only groundbreaking albums in the trance genre, but which permanently left their mark in dance music history and many of these tunes are still regularly played today.

The second CD allows us to see Tiesto’s phenomenal ability as a tastemaker, picking out mind-blowing remixes of his own tracks and fitting them together perfectly to create a set that is a musical journey for the listener, taking in cuts from the likes of  Hardwell, Laidback Luke and BT.

So on its sixth anniversary, let’s take a look back at the last piece of magik Tiesto left in the trance genre before his departure to the big rooms of today: