Tim Mason returns to ZeroThree with another scintillating single ‘Nothing More’

Purity, passion and panache are the three words that come in a moment’s time when the name of Tim Mason enters one’s ears, be it as his name itself or the music that not expresses but emotes. If memory serves the industry right, it was his third release on Steve Angello‘s Size titled ‘Swoon,’ that literally had the fans singing humming along with the meliflious melody, a quality that Mason’s tracks embody better than most in the entire scene. And in the recent times this quality has only developed for good. Tracks such as ‘Together,‘ ‘Overdrive‘ and ‘Rapture‘ among others embody this fact. What is more is that each of these tracks posses something greater than their melodies, its feelings expressed purely through music and nothing else. No words needed as the notes speak enough – the quickly becoming traditional style with Mason’s music.

And to deliver in some style and typical fashion again, he is back with another scintillating release that could not have found a better musical shelter than Zerothree Music, which promises unrelenting support to innovation and quality progressive music. Wavering synth sounds along with feelings that are relaxing and soothing, the track portrays progressive music at its finest. As vocal patches carry us across and the crescendo finally falls, Mason lets all progression loose for the soft melody to deliver a powerful expression which makes the heart throb as the melody grows to its fullest. Quality is a prerequisite over at ZeroThree and with Tim Mason around, that usually follows the name.

The track is available for a quick purchase on ZeroThree through Beatport here.

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