Valerio – I’ve Been

Valerio has been kicking around the fabled European scene for sometime now. Hailing from the landscapes of Italy, the esteemed Disk-Jockey has recently put his hand at studio production. With a great depth of quality also.

Now based in Zurich, Valerio started his career over a decade ago in 2003, hosting sets as a variety of clubs in Rome. Going on to perform in Lisbon, it was his move to Switzerland in 2013 that has prompted his appreciation of deep house, tech house and classic to influence his production style. Formally started his company Lupin Lab, now credited to over 100 releases, he still continues to DJ for his loyal following on both sides of the Italian-Swiss border.

Evidently influenced by his upbringing around the club and house music scene, “I’ve Been” is a truly joyful offering. At nearly 8 minutes long, it provides value with its quality. Timely, orchestrated and targeted, the more minimal impact and horn-like chords provide echoes of Ten Walls iconic tune “Walking With Elephants”. Infectious in character and construction, it prompts the listener to instinctively toe-tap and head-nod as they listen with intent and acquired peace.

Focusing on powerful textures, the elaborated bassline mixes neatly with the deep kicks and pulsating tempo. An emerging central European name in dance music, Swiss label Strakton Records‘ has brought a dynamic in mood and sound to its portfolio, with the track standing as arguably the releasing label’s finest track to date. With the vocal riff adding a perfect top the deep house cake, it’s certainly a track one can’t dislike!

Creating an atmosphere of tranquility, Valerio proves his worth is his weight in gold. Be sure to grab your copy of Valerio’s finest original offering to date, “I’ve Been”, on Beatport today!

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