Watch Armin go back to his roots and spin an hour long vinyl set of trance classics

For a man who has seen and done it all in his 20+ year long career, Armin van Buuren still manages to keep us impressed with his passion and dedication to both the future of dance music, and also while still remaining intact with his roots as shown by his latest  vinyl set during the Armin Only – Embrace Tour.

While Armin has always remained a keen user of vinyl, even sticking to only using the format until 2005 when he finally made the move to digital, this set was a nice touch to the Armin Only platform and shows that while his sound has definitely changed over the years, he’ll still always have a soft side for the older days. Taking to the turntables to spin a set of old trance tunes such as opening with the classic “Communication” and playing Armin’s unforgettable collaboration with Ferry Corsten-Brute.

At a time where many have been criticised for playing pre-recorded sets, it’s hard to fault Armin’s showmanship here,  so enjoy this hour long vinyl-only set from the king of trance himself below: