YDER and NICKYP join forces for a mainstage-slaying record in the shape of “Bad Man Sound”

Two of the dance music scene’s fastest rising talents have just collided for one absolute festival banger. Italian producer YDER and American producer NICKYP have caught the attention of numerous fans across the globe with their high-quality music and thus, their names have become more prominent within the industry.

YDER is indubitably one of Italy’s brightest talents right now with his always energetic electro house sounds. NICKYP isn’t any different as he continues to bring his signature groove to the table, especially with his recent release “Oblivion” and his bootleg of Afrojack and Hardwell’s “Hollywood”. Combining their respective styles together, YDER and NICKYP join forces for their mainstage-slaying record titled “Bad Man Sound”.

Opening up with a synth-heavy introduction, this brand new tune captivates its listeners right off the bat. The track builds up slowly with a combination of a thrilling beat and the flurry of synths and transitions into the riveting attack of future bass sounds. With such mind-blowing and energetic sounds, “Bad Man Sound” will more than likely dominate any upcoming festival this summer and pump up a crowd of any magnitude.

The track is out now on Moon Records and you can download a copy from Beatport here.