Alan Walker – Sing Me to Sleep

One of Norway’s brightest up-and-coming talents is back with yet another awe-inspiring progressive house track. Coming off the immense success of his 2015 hit “Faded”, Alan Walker has just released his brand new single titled “Sing Me to Sleep”.

Upon his latest track’s release, Walker was on a constant rise to stardom as his breakthrough song was able to top numerous charts from across the globe and receive several platinum records. In addition, “Faded” was able to accumulate over 350 million views on Youtube and hit the radio airwaves of numerous major cities around the world.

With a lot of momentum in hand, Walker keeps the hot streak going with “Sing Me to Sleep”, which effectively solidifies his status as one of the most brilliant producers in the business. Similar to “Faded”, this new release consists of Walker’s signature progressive style. Featuring an impeccable combination of his breathtaking synths and blissful melodies, this track undoubtedly provides an unforgettable auditory experience from start to finish.

Along with the jaw-dropping instrumentals, the gorgeous vocals of this song are the perfect icing on the cake. Bringing the listeners through an emotional roller coaster ride, “Sing Me to Sleep”, overall, emphatically makes a statement in showcasing Walker’s undeniable musical prowess and will surely become another massive hit under the young Norwegian’s already impressive discography.

The track is out now and you can stream it on Spotify here or watch its official music video below.