Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren’s “Rush Hour” turns 9 years old

Armin van Buuren’s work on “Rush Hour” is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive, significant and timeless Trance tracks of all time. Released what feels like an eternity ago back in 2007, Armin’s quantity of production, and style, has been impressive and mighty since.

However, the nostalgia for thousands of his fans will also be associated with a track as potent as “Rush Hour”. A staple for any fan of the Trance genre, van Buuren’s dominant position within its producers ranks was affirmed and upheld with this track. Acting as ‘ARMD1041’, its release on June 25th nine years ago has also brought about an extended version and fusion with “Miserere“.¬†Charting in The Netherlands and Finland, the track arguably under performed in the formal rankings given its wide-spread admiration at the time.

Ominous in its opening atmosphere, the high tempo rhythmic percussion that underlays the rising chords set a spine tingling precedent for the remainder of the track. Employing his signature and crafted FX, masterful bridge’s and subtle redevelopment’s, “Rush Hour” creates a mood far from the traffic equivalent.

Ebbing and flowing with heightened energy, the tracks anniversary comes at a time where Trance is experiencing a subtle resurgence. Underneath the glitter and glamour of many of the spotlight trends, the genre’s ever-faithful are currently seeing a flurry of quality track’s and set’s.

Relive the euphoria and symphony of Armin van Buuren Trance sound below!

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