Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance celebrates 15 magical years

Armin van Buuren, the notable, legendary, king of trance makes history with his weekly A State of Trance broadcasts reaching 15 years.

A State of Trance broadcasts to millions of people from around the world bringing them the best of trance and progressive.  From around the globe listeners tune in every Thursday to hear newly released tracks of both genres.  With the advancement of technology, and the power of the internet fans can now partake in his weekly episodes by tweeting that they’re listening in.  Every fifty episodes, Armin hosts an ASOT festival celebration.

Three months ago, ASOT made another milestone by reaching 750 episodes.  He celebrated in major countries that included Canada, and The Netherlands.  With his label Armada recently celebrating 13 years, together they’ve brought many artists to the limelight, including Ben Gold, who is now considered the protege of Armin.  Big names in the trance genre have played at ASOT festivals, including Paul van Dyk, Gareth Emery, Standerwick, Bryan Kearney, Jordan Suckley, Vini Vici, Cosmic Gate, Aly and Fila and more.  Even upcoming progressive artists have played at ASOT, such as Jochen Miller, at 750 Utrecht.

Let’s recap some of the notable shows of ASOT since it’s beginning in 2001.

1. When ASOT turned 650, and their celebration in Miami also was Gaia’s debut.

2. Armin played to a sold out crowd in Sydney, Australia when it hit 500 episodes.

3. Let’s note, his first episode ever, back in June of 2001.

4. ASOT 750 this past year, aside from Paul van Dyk’s incident.  The crowd was massive and the live streaming had millions of viewers.

If there is one thing trance heads from all around the world would like to say to Armin, it would be this: Thank you. Thank you for all the love, and passion you put into your work.  It’s because of your dreams, perseverance and belief in trance that millions of people are able to come together to create memories with loved ones, get through the toughest obstacles, be happy and live in the moment, all for the love of the music and how the feelings of happiness the music brings to its listeners. It would be safe to speculate that ASOT has changed the lives of millions.

From trance lovers around the world we all wish Armin, a congratulations, and cheers to the next 15!

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