Avicii’s pop-EDM hit single “Wake Me Up” celebrates its 3 year anniversary today

Avicii has constantly been one of the biggest names in the mainstream dance music world over the past 5 years. Churning out hits like it’s easy, the Swede has always been one of the most talented song writers out there, and his crossover appeal into mainstream pop culture has proved this.

While “Levels” was his breakout hit into the pop world, it was the producers 2013 single “Wake Me Up” which cemented his place in dance music folklore. The unique blend of country and dance elements meant that this tune stood out from the rest, and of course Avicii’s infamous Ultra 2013 set, during which he introduced this new style was very much hit and miss, but the later success of “Wake Me Up” and indeed his album “True” proved that the style works.

A massive commercial success in it’s own right, the track reached number 1 on practically every countries commercial charts and was certified platinum in a monumental 14 countries. ¬†Acting as the song of the summer for many people the world over, it also still works a treat in many DJs sets with the singalong vocals always being a real hit with the fans.

So on the third anniversary of this huge hit, let’s look back at Avicii’s biggest track: