Axwell Λ Ingrosso give away legendary original version of “Thinking About You”

After Axwell Λ Ingrosso released their latest single “Thinking About You” just last week, many fans were disappointed that the version released wasn’t the same as the version that the former Swedish House Mafia duo were playing in all of their live sets. It was slower and more future-house inspired, and was a real surprise for fans.

In an incredible turn of events however, the duo have released the version many fans would know from their sets in a “festival bootleg” for free. The group have opened a direct number for fans to text them on which gives a download link to the festival edit. You can text the number +1-229-231-3131 and will be given the link, which is also available to fans worldwide.

The track is of course an absolute summer anthem, and we believe it to be better than the “original” version released last week. Featuring superb vocal from Richard Archer of Hard Fi fame, and female vocals rumoured to be from Karin Parker, this is a very, very special track. The phenomenal piano break reminds us of the days of old, and the drops are both uplifting and heartwarming. Originally a solo Axwell track from 2010, of which can be found here, there have been a couple of edits since then, namely the female vocals and insane guitar lick that features on the second drop. This track just scream classic Axwell, and no doubt Ingrosso has helped to put his special touch on the 2016 version as well.

For fans who weren’t happy with the released version, they can do no complaining now as there is 2 versions of this godly production. Another monster hit from the Swedes which will no doubt be the soundtrack to the summer for many fans out there, this is one of the best gifts the duo could possibly have given us.

H/T: Huffington Post