Bingo Players releases hour mix in celebration of 10th year anniversary on SiriusXM

Maarten Hoogstraten, also known as Bingo Players, is known for his versatility in production styles – dropping massive hits one-after-the-other. His notable hits includes “Tom’s Diner”, “Cry (Just A Little)”, “Rattle”, “Sleepless”, and many more. Bingo Players have been putting out chart-toppers constantly ever since he started in 2006.

Although former member of Bingo Players, Paul Bäumer, has unfortunately lost his battle to cancer and passed away back in 2013, Maarten held on strong and continued to put out quality tracks. “Knock You Out”, released in early 2014, served as his ode to Paul and his strenuous battle with cancer. In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Bingo Players, Maarten put together the duo’s discography into an epic, exclusive hour mix for SiriusXM.

The mix kicks off with “Gimme All That You Got”, his hit from 2008. Maarten has set a energetic, bouncy vibe with this aggressive house track. Then he moved on to “Get Up” (Diplo remix). The original version of “Get Up”, featuring Far East Movement became a top 10 hit in 2013 in Germany, France, Austria, and many other parts of Europe. To close out the hour mix, Maarten incorporated one of his most recent releases, “Lone Wolf”, giving the fans a “Wild Wild West” feel with exotic vocals and an elastic drop.