Cápac – Bursting Love (Feat. Nate Martin)

Very little is known about Stolkholm native Cápac. However, by letting the music do the talking and make a more pure first impression, the emerging artist has held numerous ears captivated.

Another product of Sweden’s passion for electronic dance music, Cápac has hit the ground the running with his work over the past 3 months. Remixing tropical house master Kygo to great effect on his collaboration alongside Kodaline for “Raging“, Cápac demonstrated his ability within the progressive house realm.

His versatility of skill and sound was also highlighted by his masterful rework of Manse’s release of Revealed Recordings, “Freeze Time“. And while a favorite to remix, his distinctive house edge with a flutter of tropical sound has left a strong indication of his diversity in the studio. That, and his tasteful tropical house potential. A potential evident in his latest work “Bursting Love”.

Collaborating with Nate Martin, the three minutes provides an indulgence of tropical, seasonal chords. Wasting no time, the heavy and methodical chords lead into a rhythmic blend of percussion and vocal loops. Teasing in a potent and catchy saxophone, Cápac drops into an infectious and culminating melody. Progression onward’s using themed synths, the bridge continues the tempo at an optimum.

Certainly a name we’ll be keeping an eye on, Cápac has left 3 mighty impressions from his first trilogy of work. And acts as a reflection of the caliber of Sweden’s continual pipeline of DJ/Producer’s.

Let the summery vibes flow and check out the tropical infusion below or on today!

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