Carl Cox provides insight in potent interview

Carl Cox is already in dance music folklore. Having been at the helm of the industry for over two decades, the British icon is calling it a day with his renowned residency at Space Ibiza. However, in his latest interview he extends the news to the extent that his presence on the dance music island is over. But also goes on to deliver more promising news for his adoring and loyal legion of fans.

Known as an ever-faithful consistent performer in the dynamic and evolving state of dance music, and its ever-changing trend’s, Carl Cox has excelled at delivering some of the finest EDM goods and services in the past 15 years for Ibiza as a whole. So when new emerged his departure was due to his dissatisfaction with the ownership change of the world-ranked night club, it not only meant a change for Cox, but also for the strategic direction of Space Ibiza.

Speaking to Mixmag, the DJ/Producer stated he wasn’t planning to stop. Just reduce the intensity and slow the pace of his illustrious career as it nears its twilight days.

“People think if I’m not doing Space, I’m not doing anything. Steady on! Take a breath! I’m going to slow down, no doubt about it. The travelling aspect is hard on my body, hard on my brain. I want to wake up in the morning and feel normal.

“I can’t sleep on demand in all these different time zones. I don’t want sleeping tablets, but I haven’t had a natural eight-hour sleep for years. I’m the consummate night owl but I can’t get back into a daytime rhythm. If I carry on I’m going to burn out. But I’m not over yet – far from it. I’ll just be doing less.”

In turn, highlighting the fact that if you have a chance to see Carl Cox live, ensure you don’t miss it!

H/T: edmtunes

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