Showtek David Guetta

David Guetta and Showtek Under Fire for ripping off Gesaffelstein’s masterpiece

David Guetta is no stranger to controversy. Whether it be the racist accusations in his “F**k Me I’m Famous” tour or the most recent controversy surrounding the anthem for EURO 2016, the French hit maker has heard it all. Although he has consistently put out quality work in the past few years, including albums such as “Nothing But the Beat”, “Lovers on the Sun” and more recently “Listen”, he remains a controversial character – on both a music creation and a marketing level. On his most recent collaboration with Showtek, titled “The Death of EDM”, fans have raised suspicions that the trio are ripping off Gesaffelstein‘s infamous track “Pursuit”.

“The Death of EDM” is released as a part of Skinkalation Vol. 2 – a five track EP under Showtek‘s label, SKINK. On this track, David Guetta and Showtek attempted to imitate the unique production style that Gesaffelstein takes on in his work. With a minimalistic variation accompanied by a relentless bass line, Gesaffelstein has won a special place in the hearts of techno fans all around the world. The ominous yet energetic feel in his tracks can’t and won’t be imitated by a cheap duplication. Judge for yourselves below: