deadmau5 & Steve Duda talk production tips for RAZER music

In his fourth video for RAZER Music, deadmau5 opens up more about the creative process, workflow and mindset behind producing tracks as opposed to the more technical videos which were released a couple of months back.

The mau5 talks with long-time friend and collaborator Steve Duda who’s a technical wizard in his own right, responsible for a number of now industry standard VST production plugins such as SERUM. Joel talks about how his first basement studio was tiny, and himself and Duda would noodle away all night producing tracks for their BSOD moniker roughly 10 years ago now. He talks about how sleep deprivation has helped create some of his best productions and how staying up until early in the morning can help the creative juices flow.

In creating remixes back in the day, deadmau5 says he can’t work well under pressure, and that some of his most popular remixes didn’t meet his own “quality control standards.” Experimentation was key for Joel who almost prefers making weird IDM type music than dance stuff, which really allows the creative juices to flow. Even speaking on his own breakthrough hit Faxing Berlin, Joel says how it was more the chords in that track as opposed to the technical prowess which made it such a hit, and that sometimes less is more.

You can watch the full video below: