Desiinger – Panda (Afrojack Remix)

Afrojack has become renowned for his attempts at remixing some of the main stream chart’s biggest tracks. And to great effect also.

Adding to the ever-growing list is arguably his most unexpected remix yet, taking on Desiinger’s worldwide hit, “Panda”. After spending a few years orientated towards the main stage’s and radio station’s, Afrojack’s portfolio has undergone a shake up in recent times. Experimenting with new styles, his excelling output has raised a number of eyebrows. With the unique bass/trap hybrid on “Panda” a prime example.

After topping the Billboard Top 100 chart, re-imagining Desiigner’s work is no easy, or small task. Amplifying the energy through bone-shaking bass, the track also creates a calming mood of sort through the midsection. Diving into a drop of heavy, trap-styled layers, the back end of the track really does provide a kick. And while not his usually sound, you can certainly expect this remix to do the round at numerous dance music events this summer.

Uploading the remix on his SoundCloud channel, the Dutch DJ/Producer’s venture in the soundscape of trap prompt’s further questions as to his upcoming material and it included sub-genre’s and names. But with over 70,000 plays in the first 24 hours alone, it seems Afrojack’s new side could be as popular as his radio-orientated ones if this is anything to go by.

Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts!

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