Diplo’s film soundtrack collaboration with Sia impresses

While Diplo is ruling the world with his solo career, Jack U project and of course his work with Major Lazer, he recently collaborated with pop singer Sia for the track “Waving Goodbye” which was part of the soundtrack for film “The Neon Demon.” While this track has been available on SoundCloud for 2 months, it’s only surfaced to our attention recently and this really is a sublime production.

A track which is quite different by Diplo’s standards, the 4-minute track opens with an array of sounds before Sia’s powerful voice soon comes in. It’s clear that the vocals are the focus here, but the track soon explodes into an array of bouncing synths which is at times reminiscent of Flume. Certainly an atmospheric production which fits the role of a film soundtrack perfectly, this is one of our favourite tracks from Diplo and may go unnoticed by many.

You can listen to “Waving Goodbyes” below: