Dannic and Dyro deliver special performance packed with exclusive music [Video]

Both Dannic and Dyro have largely devoted their carreers to bolster Revealed Recording’s discography. Nowadays both artists stand on their own feat, both have their own label, both have found their individual niche in electronic dance music, and both are famous for their jaw-dropping mixes. To ring in this years “World Club Dome Festival”, which will be held in Frankfurt, Germany this weekend, Dannic and Dyro joined forces to deliver a firey exclusive mix from the DJ Mag headquarters, whereas the 1:30 mix has been split between the two DJs, allowing them to present their own distinct type of sound.

Dannics consistent energy-charged productions have found their way into many others’ sets and earned him a coveted spot on an array of main stages. Now leading his own label, Fonk Recordings, he is not only responsible for his own carreer ladder, but he takes credit for parenting and scouting fresh talents. Drifting away from his original progressive house and diving into more funky territories, Dannic made no doubt that he still has to be considered as one of the heavyweights within the industry. Crammed with tons of unreleased material, Dannic’s lates mix exemplifies thee pure bliss we’ve come to expect from him. From anthemic melodies, over hard hitting drops, to funky rythms, the mix caters for all tastes.

On the other side, Dyro’s preference for combining the metallic edge, driving rhythms and the nuances of a darker influence, have made him a favourite for the most prestigious clubs, festivals and parties around the the globe. Designed for the dancfloor destruction at any venue, Dyro’s set is all about constant heavy drops, shattering sounds and a stimulating atmosphere – and it’s utterly irresistible. His 45-minute performance delivers unparalleled energy, elegant transitions between tracks, and an eclectic collection of tracks. Sourcing from his own artillery of material and WOLV’s ever-enhancing portfolio astute listeners are in for a treat. In addition to this all, the mix includes club-geared and raw cuts that as well have to be released, or just have made their way out of Dyro’s studio.

Big City Beats’ “World Club Dome Festival” will take place from 3rd until 5th of June in Frankfurt, Germany: The perfect spot to catch the two Dutch maestros. You can listen to their latest mix below:

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